Thursday, August 20, 2020

How Lovers Should Avoid Breaking Up Caused by Cold Violence

As shown in the movie, many lovers want to stay together 24 hours a day when they are just determined to be together. Regardless of the trivial matters of life or the expectation of the future, they are full of passion and treated with enthusiasm. However, we have to admit that this situation will change a lot with time. Time will make the passion of the two retreats, and the love life of double anti-dumping will also become dull. If at this time because of something, the two sides have conflicts, then quarrels will follow. And during this time, no matter what you do, you will be bored, and this is the so-called cold period or cold war period. So how do you who love each other spend this sad time? There is no doubt that when encountering problems, a positive attitude to solve the problem is very important. Find out why you have this contradiction, and actively change it or solve it.

When you are sure that both of you have entered a period of coldness, don't be angry or criticize at this time, but you need to calm down and let your brain work. If you always find that your inner anger is difficult to suppress, then a good measure is to divert your attention, such as going to exercise, traveling, or gathering with your friends. You need to focus your energy and time on other things to give yourself time to digest the fact that your relationship has faded. At the same time, if you already know what your contradiction is, then you must not escape at this time. A positive face and communication are necessary. Arrange a time for communication with each other in advance, and express your feelings sincerely. Note that at this time, we must avoid accusing each other, but face all problems with a calm and gentle attitude.

At the same time, you need to admit in your heart that when two people get along long enough and have become the most familiar person, the feelings become less passionate than before. This is a normal physiological reaction. However, this does not mean you have to be willing to accept such plainness. You can arrange things that need to be done by both parties together, such as climbing mountains, going to amusement parks together, watching horror movies together, and other exciting and passionate things. Such activities can quickly help you pass the cold period safely. Of course, although you understand in your heart that it is normal to lose your passion, at the same time you need to give the other person full trust and don't doubt the other person's feelings and confidence.

In fact, the cold period in love is a stage that every couple needs to go through. This stage is so important that it will determine whether you both can go on in the long run. In particular, the long-term relationship allows the shortcomings of both sides to be revealed. These factors are likely to lead to conflicts. The rational treatment of the relationship between the two parties and the wise use of all skills can help lovers to pass the cold period smoothly and become closer to each other.

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