Thursday, August 20, 2020

How to Judge Whether a Relationship is Close?

When a person meets the other half he likes, he will unconsciously get close to each other. This is the instinct of animals. The two sides who have a good opinion of each other have an infinite attraction to each other. Even sometimes, both parties will have such intimate behaviors unconsciously. You will unconsciously think of the other person and are willing to complete something with the other person. Even when you are distracted, you will also have the other person's figure in your mind. In many cases, although two people who like each other can feel like each other, they still have not established a relationship between men and women. So, under what circumstances can it be judged that a relationship is close enough to enter the next link?

Each has a unique name or note. Although this seemingly simple behavior, it contains the confirmation of each other's particularity. If you have exclusive names or address book notes between you, it means that you are important to him. For example, "little sweetheart", "big baby", "naughty ghost" and so on are full of intimacy, all of which show your unique special status with him. Names often contain expectations for each other or good meanings, while nicknames show more of your uniqueness. Especially between the opposite sex, a unique nickname often represents his exclusive desire for you. After two people have unique nicknames or address book notes for each other, you can basically be sure that both of you have special feelings and status for each other.

Often two people go out alone to accomplish something. Just like everyone thinks, if a man and a woman often go out alone, although on the surface it is for some social activities such as club activities, friends gatherings, sports together, etc., only people who like each other can often do activities together. Because they like each other and have a good impression, they are willing to hang out with each other or accomplish something together. You have to know that the reasons for going out are all superficial reasons, and the fundamental purpose is to stay with the people you like. Being with the person you like, even if you don’t do anything, it’s fun, because the ambiguous atmosphere will surround the two of you and make you happy. If the two of you have reached this point, then your relationship will become even closer.

If the person you like takes everything you say at heart and is very attentive to you, then he also has a good impression of you. Especially between single men and women, when they encounter something, they can always think of you for the first time, then this is the best proof. When encountering happy things, he will share with you the first time, when encountering sad things, he will also discuss with you the first time. When you can't meet each other, you can't help but miss the other person and want to meet him. This phenomenon has proved that your relationship has reached a very close level.

Frequent contact and greetings are also an important performance factor. If the opposite sex maintains good communication and contact every day, then it means that you will miss each other in your free time. Especially after encountering some things, or finishing a busy day of work, you can still contact each other as soon as possible, then your relationship is no longer ordinary.

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